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The Chicagoland Suburbs Cabinet Refacing Company With A 6-Decade Track Record

100% Reliability. Total Professionalism. A “Done-Once, Done-RIGHT” Attitude.

We’re not your average kitchen cabinet refacing company serving the Chicagoland suburbs. As a division of Krumwiede Home Pros, we’ve got an unparalleled track record of TRUST within the community.

Here’s a snapshot of our background and reputation:

  • In business since 1953
  • An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Winner of national awards that place us among the best home improvement in the country… plus, coveted local awards such as “Best Picks”
  • Hundreds of online reviews—the overwhelming majority being raving 5-star feedback

It took a long time and plenty of work to build our reputation. That’s how you know we’re the cabinet restyling contractor you can trust to do your project RIGHT.

If you want a high-end cabinet refacing experience in the Chicagoland suburbs, reach out to Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede for a free quote.

Krumwiede Company History

Firmly Rooted In Chicagoland Since 1953

Greg & Mark Olsen, Owners (2015-Present)

Greg and Mark Olsen worked for their dad Jack during their summers off from school. Both paid their own way through college and graduated in 2008. In 2015, Greg and Mark became the owners of Krumwiede Roofing. To further serve the needs of Chicagoland homeowners, the brothers added cabinets, windows, doors, and siding to the company’s services. To better reflect the company’s offerings, Greg and Mark changed the name to Krumwiede Home Pros. They grew the company 50%... all while maintaining the same family-oriented model on which Herman Krumwiede founded the business. In 2021, Greg and Mark opened Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede, a cabinet refacing division of the company. The company focuses on delivering premium cabinet refacing for Chicagoland suburb homeowners.

Jack Olsen, Owner (1985-2015)

At just 17 years old, Jack Olsen began working at Krumwiede Roofing for his Uncle Herman. Jack started by cleaning the company vehicles, but he swiftly moved through the company and became a foreman. In 1985, Jack bought Krumwiede Roofing from his Uncle Herman. Jack continued to grow the company while raising a family of seven children.

Herman Krumwiede, Founder (1953-1985)

Herman Krumwiede started Krumwiede Roofing in the early 1900s after World War I. The company originally performed commercial and residential roofing. Because of Herman’s dedication to doing things right, Krumwiede Roofing became the biggest roofer in Illinois.

The Krumwiede Core Values

It’s no accident that we’re the Chicagoland suburbs’ most trusted cabinet refacing company. Since we opened in 1953, we have abided by a “customer-first, customer-ALWAYS” set of Core Values. These Core Values aren’t empty words or marketing fluff—they’re the bedrock foundation of our company. They’re the principles we adhere to on every single project without exception… including YOURS. Here are our Core Values:


Our word is our bond, so we always follow through with what we say—both with our employees and our customers.


We NEVER cut corners to save pennies or shave a few seconds. And on the rare occasion we make a mistake. We admit it and do whatever it takes to make it right.


The first thing we look for when hiring is friendly—if not, they will never work for Krumwiede. When you call, you’ll talk to a friendly person. Our salesperson will be friendly and respectful. Our installer’s kindness and compassion will blow you away.

Active Listening

We pay attention to customer preferences and requests. We keep all vehicles and materials OFF that new driveway. Details matter. We hear you.


With us, early is on time…on time is late…and late is unacceptable! It’s all about respect for you and your time.

Absolute Accountability

Since we take extra measures to do things right, we offer the most comprehensive warranties in the Chicagoland suburbs. When it rains at night, we sleep like a baby knowing that your cabinet project was done RIGHT.