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Amazing Cabinet Door Knobs & Pulls For Chicagoland’s Suburbs

Elevate Your Kitchen’s Style With Premium Hardware Choices.

At Redo Cabinets, we understand that the devil is in the details. It’s why we offer an exclusive selection of cabinet door knobs and pulls to complete the look of your kitchen with elegance and functionality. Our handpicked hardware selections are crafted with precision to not only enhance the aesthetics of your cabinetry but also to ensure longevity and ease of use.

Why Choose Our Knobs and Pulls?

Our hardware options are chosen to bring timeless style and durable functionality to your kitchen. The right knobs and pulls not only allow you to access your cabinetry with ease but also protect the cabinet finish by minimizing direct contact, keeping the wood pristine by avoiding oils and other contaminants from hands. These small touches can make a significant impact, making your cabinets look uniquely yours.

The Selection Process

Selecting the right hardware for your cabinets is crucial in tying together the style elements of your kitchen. Our array of knobs and pulls comes in various materials and finishes to complement any design aesthetic.

  • Stainless steel for a sleek, modern touch
  • Nickel and chrome for a bright and clean look
  • Oil-rubbed bronze or brass for a warm, classic tone
  • Black for bold, stark contrast
  • Ceramic for a handcrafted, artisanal vibe

Each material and finish brings its own character to your kitchen, and our design specialists are here to guide you through choosing the perfect match for your cabinetry.

What We Offer

Redo Cabinets doesn’t just offer a product — we deliver a tailored experience. Our selection includes:

  • Classic round knobs that bring a touch of simplicity and elegance
  • Square knobs for a geometric, modern appeal
  • Novelty shapes to add a playful touch to your space
  • Sleek bar pulls for a minimalist statement
  • Ornate handles that add a luxurious feel to your kitchen

Benefits of Our Knobs and Pulls

Function meets form with our hardware. You not only get an attractive addition to your kitchen but also a durable product designed for frequent use. Here’s why our clients choose our knobs and pulls:

  • Enhanced cabinet longevity by preventing wear and tear
  • Swift access to cabinet contents with comfortable and sturdy grips
  • A statement in style that stands out and complements your cabinetry
  • Top-quality materials for sustained use and satisfaction

Your Kitchen, Redefined

Redo Cabinets is committed to helping you redefine your kitchen space with the finest details that make a big difference. Our consultants work with you to identify the knobs and pulls that will transform your kitchen into a masterpiece of design and functionality. With our extensive warranty and a team dedicated to your satisfaction, embark on a journey to a stunning kitchen that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Let us help you put the finishing touches on your kitchen with knobs and pulls that speak to your style and meet our standards of excellence. Contact Redo Cabinets today, and step into the future of kitchen design where every detail counts.

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