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Can I Replace my Cabinet Doors?

Can I Replace my Cabinet Doors?

Every year, millions of people become discontent with their kitchens. After a while, refreshing your kitchen nearly becomes a need. There are tons of ways to update a kitchen, from a slap of paint on your cabinets to a full remodel. Luckily, most kitchens don’t need a full remodel. Kitchen cabinet refacing is one of the best ways to update your kitchen. But what is kitchen cabinet refacing? And can you just replace your cabinet doors yourself?

Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing starts with replacing your cabinet doors. The cabinet doors are one of the most expressive parts of your kitchen. Your choice of doors can define the style you’re shooting for. Luckily, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet door options to choose from. Between raised panel doors, recessed panel doors, and flat panel doors, there’s something for everyone. Kitchen refacing can easily give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.

Kitchen Cabinet refacing doesn’t stop at the doors, however. The veneer on your cabinets is also updated, to go with the doors. By updating the doors and the veneer you’ll have cabinets that look brand new. Kitchen cabinet refacing also includes upgrading your kitchen cabinet’s hardware. From soft-close drawers to lazy-susans in the cabinets, refacing can make your kitchen feel completely modernized.

Replacing Your Cabinet Doors

Replacing your cabinet doors yourself is absolutely doable. However, to get the best quality available for your kitchen you’ll have to do some homework. Many kitchen cabinet drawers sold on the market are poor-quality particleboard. Particleboard isn’t very durable and can take damage from heat and water. That’s why Redo Cabinets uses Duracore doors for our refacing projects. DuraCore cabinets are higher density than most cabinets and can withstand spills, bangs, moisture, and heat with ease.

The other thing you have to look out for when replacing your own cabinet doors is the measurements. Cabinet doors can be difficult to measure. Unfortunately, when measured incorrectly you’ll have doors that will not work with your cabinets. We have some tips for measuring cabinets here, just in case you need help.

What’s Right for Me?

Just replacing your cabinet doors is doable, but can leave you with a kitchen that feels disjointed. Without a full refacing, your kitchen can easily make you feel discontent. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a more complete upgrade for your kitchen. Plus, we offer additional add ons to help make your kitchen become the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about. Refacing your kitchen cabinets will have you feeling like you installed a brand new kitchen into your home.

If you’re looking into cabinet refacing in Chicagoland, Contact Redo Cabinets. We’ll give you a free quote for your kitchen. Our cabinet refacing experts are unmatched in the industry. We offer many styles and colors so you can make your kitchen one of your dreams. Our add-ons can help you round out your vision for your perfect kitchen. Make sure to refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals!

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