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Can You Paint Refaced Cabinets Later?

Can You Paint Refaced Cabinets Later?

Deciding how you want to improve your kitchen takes a lot of work. Whatever changes you make can easily be the ones you’ll live with for years to come. Because of that goal of longevity, it’s important to pick an option that you’ll love for years to come. Many homeowners in Chicagoland are choosing cabinet refacing to breathe new life into their outdated kitchens. But, down the road, the thought of painting your refaced cabinets may be tempting. Can you even paint refaced cabinets later? And why would you want to reface your cabinets?

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the process of updating your cabinets in both style and functionality. The fronts of the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen are replaced. The wood veneer that covers your cabinets is also replaced. This gives your cabinets an entirely new look that can change the feel of your kitchen. There’s another step, however. Adding modern hardware, like lazy susans in cabinets and soft-close drawers makes your kitchen not only look new but also feel new. Down the line, you may want to paint these refaced cabinets. Is that a possibility?

Is Painting Refaced Cabinets Possible?

Refaced cabinets can easily take a new coat of paint. You can add whatever color you want, and keep the new geometry of your cabinet fronts, as well as the functionality of the updated hardware. However, to obtain a professional look there are some extra steps. Choosing the right paint and properly preparing the sides of the cabinets is essential to keeping their fresh looks.

What are the Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing can completely change the feel of a kitchen. There’s a plethora of colors and styles to choose from. Cabinet fronts include styles like raised panel doors, recessed panel doors, and flat-panel doors. These doors use Duracore, meaning they have better resistance against heat, water, and grease! Between those and the new hardware, refaced cabinets are the perfect way to update your kitchen. Since a new veneer is added to the cabinets they can also easily be painted with a little work. Cabinet refacing tends to be a better update than just painting the cabinets. Cabinet refacing is also preferred over a full remodel because it can give you a similar kitchen change, without the price tag.

So, is it possible to paint refaced cabinets? Absolutely! By properly preparing the surfaces of your cabinets as well as your new and improved cabinet doors you can have a brand new kitchen in any color you want. That makes cabinet refacing the ideal option for any homeowner that is looking to update their kitchen. If you’re looking into cabinet refacing in Chicagoland, Contact Redo Cabinets. We’ll give you a free quote for your kitchen. Our cabinet refacing experts are unmatched in the industry. We offer many styles and colors so you can make your kitchen one of your dreams. Also, refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals!


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