Can you Reface Kitchen Cabinets with Recessed Panel Doors?

Can you Reface Kitchen Cabinets with Recessed Panel Doors?

Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets with Recessed Panel Doors

Many homes have kitchens that are long overdue for a facelift. While looking into your options you may have come across cabinet refacing. Kitchen cabinet refacing is one of the best ways to breathe fresh life into any old kitchen. It can give you the change you’re looking for, without costing as much as a full remodel. You have plenty of options when it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing. But what is kitchen cabinet refacing? And can you reface kitchen cabinets with recessed panel doors?

What Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process of updating the style of your kitchen and modernizing it to make it feel brand new. It involves replacing the fronts of your cabinets and drawers, installing new veneers, and upgrading your existing kitchen. Refacing your cabinets is far cheaper than completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, which would require tearing out all of your original cabinets. It requires no major renovations, but can still bring a beautiful update to your kitchen.

One major benefit of refacing cabinets is it keeps the original cabinet shells. The main structure of your cabinets and drawers is more sturdily than most modern cabinets. Cabinet replacement most often can’t give you the quality of cabinet your home already has. Refacing allows you to keep the strength and durability of your kitchen cabinet’s current shells while still updating the cabinets as a whole to modern standards.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Benefits:

  • Refacing involves updating cabinet and drawer fronts, installing new veneers, and modernizing your kitchen’s appearance.
  • It’s a cost-effective alternative to complete cabinet replacement, avoiding major renovations.
  • Benefits include:
    • Keeping the original, sturdy cabinet structure.
    • Achieving a high-quality update with existing cabinet shells.
    • Modernizing cabinets to contemporary standards without losing durability.

What Are Recessed Panel Doors?

Recessed panel doors are just one of the many styles you can choose when doing kitchen cabinet refacing. Recessed panel doors have been around since the 1700s. They’ve managed to endure through the centuries because of their elegance and versatility. Recessed doors have a center panel that is recessed compared to its frame, hence the name. This style is incredibly versatile, and can easily be used in classic and contemporary kitchens. They typically have a more simple look compared to things like raised panel doors, which can be a major benefit for more simplistic kitchen themes.

Benefits of Choosing Recessed Panel Doors for Cabinet Refacing

  • Recessed panel doors can help to create a more spacious and open feel in your kitchen, thanks to their simple, clean lines. They don’t overwhelm the space, making them ideal for smaller kitchens or for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.
  • They are also highly customizable. Whether you prefer a painted finish for a contemporary look or stained wood to highlight the natural beauty of the material, recessed panel doors can be tailored to your preferences.
  • Durability is another key advantage. When you choose high-quality materials for your recessed panel doors, you ensure that your kitchen cabinets will withstand the test of time, maintaining their beauty and functionality for years to come.

Recessed Panel Doors Installation for Kitchen Cabinets by Redo

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process of updating your kitchen by replacing the fronts of your cabinets, as well as updating the hardware within. It’s a perfect way to modernize your kitchen without having to tear everything out and start over. Cabinet refacing is also much cheaper than a full remodel. You also get to keep your original cabinet shells when you reface. Cabinet shells made nowadays aren’t as sturdy as the ones you already have. With recessed panel doors, you can give your kitchen a classic or contemporary look that will wow every person who sees it.

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