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We aren’t just any cabinet refacing contractor—we’re the Chicagoland suburbs’ premium cabinet restyling SPECIALISTS.

Here are some of the reasons Frankfort homeowners choose Redo Cabinets for cabinet refacing…

  • Cabinet Refacing Experts: All we do is cabinet refacing for kitchens. We have more experience restyling cabinets than any other company in the area.
  • Better Materials: We don’t use cabinet materials made of cheap particle board. Our cabinets are DuraCore, which are made with high-grade wood materials and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • A Proven Process: We’ve implemented a tried-and-true process that provides you with a pleasant experience from beginning to end.
  • You Can Trust Us: We’re the cabinet refacing contractor with an A+ reputation.

Why Redo Cabinets

For proof that we “walk the talk,” take a tour of our cabinet refacing photo gallery. By viewing our project photos, you’ll get an excellent sense of our work… and even get inspiration for YOUR cabinet refacing project!

5 Questions Frankfort Residents Ask About Cabinet Refacing

What, Precisely, Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing (also called cabinet restyling) is a renovation where you upgrade the LOOK of your cabinets without changing their structure. This includes installing new doors, drawers, and hardware.

Cabinet refacing is an outstanding option for homeowners who want to beautify their kitchen quickly and for great value. Explore our cabinet refacing designs here.

How Much Does Cabinet Restyling Cost In Frankfort?

Refacing your cabinets will cost you much more budget-friendly than cabinet replacement and full kitchen remodeling. And if you watch to stretch your dollars even further, check out our excellent financing and specials!

How Long Will It Take To Reface My Kitchen Cabinets?

Just a few days, even for substantially sized kitchens. This makes cabinet refacing much more convenient than cabinet replacement and full kitchen remodeling, which can take weeks to months.

Even with large kitchens, cabinet refacing can be done in just a few days. Compare that to the MONTHS it can take kitchen remodeling, and you’ll appreciate how convenient refacing is.

Do You Offer Other Kitchen Upgrades In Addition To Cabinet Refacing?

Yes, we do! While we’re restyling your cabinets, we can perform any of the following to your kitchen…

  • Handle minor reconfigurations
    • Sliding drawers
    • Pull-out drawers
    • Pull-out trash caddies
    • Lazy Susans
    • And more!

Is Cabinet Refacing The Right Kitchen Renovation For Me?

In many instances, a home’s current kitchen cabinets are structurally sound. The actual issue is that they look outdated or worn on the surface. It’s the PRESENTATION that needs an upgrade—not the underlying framework.

If that’s the case with your kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing is a fantastic option. It requires substantially less time and cost than full-scale kitchen remodeling. It’s also much more cost-effective and quicker than actually replacing your cabinets.

For more details on why cabinet refacing may be right for you, visit our blog and Cabinet Refacing FAQ. You’ll find all kinds of useful information that can help you make the right decision.

What Makes Frankfort Unique?

Frankfort is a tree-lined community thriving with retail shops, fine dining, outstanding theatre and art, and excellent museums. Frankfort has a rich and storied history. There are gorgeous bike paths and the Frankfort City Center has plenty of fine dining, boutiques, and recreation that are a delight to peruse. Frankfort is an excellent place to live or visit, and has something for everyone!

History Of Frankfort

After the Treaty of Chicago in 1833, many pioneers started to settle around Fort Dearborn, including the areas that would become Frankfort. The pioneers used the rich soil to create farmland that their families would tend to for many years to come. The community continued to grow, and in 1845 they officially became named Cottage Hill once the post office was built. Four years later, a railroad was permitted to build in Cottage Hill. That helped the farmers reach Chicago and brought more people to the community.

The businessmen from Chicago wanted somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, and many bought estates in Cottage Hill. Then, in 1869 the community was renamed Frankfort. The name came from the newly planted elm trees around town and also referenced the German heritage of many of the settlers. However, it took until 1882 for Frankfort to be officially incorporated as a village. A year later, the Frankfort-Chicago Stone Company was founded to mine the limestone quarry found in the village. For many years to come, it would be the largest employer of the village. In 1910, Frankfort was incorporated as a city.

Things To Do In Frankfort

The best way to get around Frankfort is with the express trolley. It stops at all of the best areas, including parks, museums, dining, and the shopping districts of City Centre, York & Vallette, and Spring Road. The stops are all oriented around pedestrians, but the trolley also has bike racks if cycling is up to your alley. The express trolley has online tracking and a thirty-minute loop, so there are plenty of chances to hop on!

Frankfort is home to two incredible museums, the Frankfort Art Museum and the Frankfort History Museum. They are both incredibly family-friendly, with options for tours. The Art Museum has rotating exhibits so there’s always something to see. The History Museum contains the former home of Frankfort’s first village president, Henry Glos, and an interactive journey through the village’s history. Frankfort has many annual events, but the most famous is without a doubt the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. It is the third-largest parade of the sort in the Chicagoland area. However, there are many more annual events which mean there’s always something to do in Frankfort.

Redo Cabinets And Frankfort

Here at Redo Cabinets, we love working with those who live in Frankfort. It’s a gorgeous place to be and making your kitchen dreams come true only increases the beauty. Our warehouse is only 20 miles away from Frankfort. We love supporting the local Frankfort schools and helping the community. Redo Cabinets adores Frankfort and loves working with any residents of the village.

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