How Can You Tell if You Can Reface Your Cabinets?

How Can You Tell if You Can Reface Your Cabinets?

Evaluating if Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Good Candidates for Refacing

Cabinet doors, an integral part of a kitchen’s appearance, often show the wear and tear of time. Cabinet refacing, an economical choice that often involves kitchen cabinets, has only grown in popularity since its inception. This update has become a go-to process in kitchen renovation, not only for homeowners who wish to refresh the color and style of their kitchen but also for those who want more functionality in this central family place. It makes perfect economic sense when you think of it. Who wouldn’t want to revamp their kitchen’s look and feel at a substantially lower cost than a full kitchen remodel?

With the multiple benefits that kitchen cabinet refacing brings, including a refreshing new look to your drawers and cabinets plus the experience of adding more shelves and tools to your kitchen, many customers want to ascertain if it would work in their space. The quantity of product materials needed, either laminate or plywood, maybe a few factors to consider. But generally, this project can save homeowners a lot of money and there aren’t many factors that can prohibit you from refacing your cabinets or drawers in your kitchen. Thankfully, Redo Cabinets is your pro guide for all the answers you need to find out if you can reface your cabinets or not.

What Goes into Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a straightforward process that starts at the door of each of your existing cabinets. Your current doors, usually made of one solid material, are replaced with a product that is more durable – an attractive alternative made of premium wood materials. This upgrade, an essential part of the service we offer, ensures quality and visually pleasing results in order to satisfy our customers.

That means your old drawer fronts and hinges also give way for new ones too, often incorporating shelf space for enhanced utility. No matter what type of kitchen style you want, from classic to post-modern, there are countless product styles and options available. These products range in color, design, and finish, aligning with your personal preferences and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. The installation process also includes replacing the veneer on the cabinet boxes, providing a consistent look across your kitchen space. Usually, new hardware is also installed. While that’s a basic cabinet refacing process, there are multiple additions you can make depending on your budget, whether you want built-in spice racks and lazy susans in the cabinets or extra shelves for more storage space.

What can Prohibit a Cabinet Refacing?

However, there are some cases where cabinet refacing may not be the best option. These mainly involve instances where the kitchen cabinets have sustained some structural damage, or if the existing layout of the kitchen cabinet boxes simply doesn’t satisfy the homeowner.

Structural Cabinet Damage

Cabinet refacing primarily involves changing the external fronts of your cabinets and doesn’t alter the physical cabinet boxes themselves. This feature is why it’s far more budget-friendly than a full kitchen remodel. However, that means if your cabinet boxes have suffered serious damage then cabinet refacing might not be the effective remedy you’re seeking. Minor faults like chips can be easily fixed with some sanding. However, major defects such as extensive water damage can make cabinet refacing less feasible.

Discontentment With the Cabinet Layout

If you’re discontent with the current layout of your cabinets, then cabinet refacing may not be the right decision. Cabinet refacing preserves the original layout of your kitchen cabinets; if you’re not pleased with their current position, or the sizes of the cabinet boxes, you may want to consider a full remodel.

Is Cabinet Refacing Right for My Kitchen?

But, if your cabinet boxes are in good shape, and their layout doesn’t bother you, then cabinet refacing could be the perfect fit. Contact Redo Cabinets; we’ll give you a free quote for your kitchen. Our cabinet refacing experts, who are unmatched in the industry, focus exclusively on high-quality cabinet refacing materials. We offer a variety of styles and colors, and with other available add-ons, you can transform your kitchen into a dream space. So, for an order aimed at enhancing your kitchen’s look and efficiency, refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals.

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