ReDo Cabinets Process

Great Home Improvement Experiences Don’t “JUST HAPPEN.”

They Are 100% On Purpose And Planned Meticulously.

With Redo Cabinets, You’ll Be In The Hands Of Total Pros From Start To Finish.

Here’s the #1 reason that so many home improvement projects end in disappointment: most contractors have never developed a process for delivering great results over and over again.

With these contractors, each project is handled ‘on the fly.’ Communication is ‘catch as catch can.’ The whole thing has a feeling of “we’re flying by the seat of our pants and we’re counting on a healthy dose of luck.”

Chances are you’ve had experiences like this and know exactly what we’re talking about.


“What If We Did Things Differently?”

At Redo Cabinets, we asked ourselves why so many contractors in the Chicagoland suburbs operate this way and if we could do it differently.

We discovered that it CAN be done better – and it makes all the difference in the world. It’s why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of 5-Star reviews online.

It’s also why we’re award-winning. We’ve been recognized as one of the top contractors in the country, being named to the Big 50 & Top 500 home remodelers by industry. We’ve also won several local ‘Best Picks’ awards.

The key is this: We have a REAL process that is 100% planned from start to finish to deliver an awesome service experience and great results.

A Proven Process

Here’s what you can absolutely rely on with Redo Cabinets:

  • No Chicagoland suburbs home remodeling company comes better prepared to the initial consultation. We never want to waste your time, so our guys show up ready to give you real information on home products, with ZERO fluff or flim-flam.
  • After purchase, EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER gets a welcome call, plus an informative call from our Production department, confirming all the details of your project.
  • We find out early on your preferred communication style – phone, text, or email – and tailor future communications to match your preference.
  • We send reminders about each key step in the process and always follow-up after every project to get your feedback on how things went.

Crystal Clear Communication

Getting a home remodeling project done has a lot of moving parts:

  • Precise measurements need to be taken.
  • Products need to be ordered correctly.
  • Installation had to be scheduled and then executed.
  • And, of course, follow-up on customer satisfaction after the project.

It’s a lot to track, and it’s no wonder many remodeling companies in the Chicagoland suburbs struggle to keep up. But we’ve discovered that with the right team in place and a clearly defined process, all of this can be handled smoothly – it’s all about solid communication.

Crystal clear communication is truly the key to eliminating frustration.

Here’s a specific example of what we mean:

With many companies, their sales rep will write down the details of what you need and the next time you hear from the company is weeks and weeks later when they want to come install it.

Nothing is double-checked before it’s ordered. There’s often no communication and then suddenly they want to install it with very little warning. It’s all a recipe for problems.

With us, it’s different.

You’ll get a call within a few days of signing a contract to go over all the details. Key elements like color and style will be confirmed. For many products, we’ll need to set up an appointment to take precise measurements before ordering the products. We’ll discuss timelines and key steps in the process.

This kind of attention to detail continues throughout the entire process with plenty of ongoing communication – you’ll NEVER be left wondering the status of your project.

We Actually Care About Your Feedback

We’d estimate that 95% or more of home remodeling companies don’t bother to follow-up with a call AFTER the project is done to find out how it went and if you’re completely satisfied.

Maybe they don’t want to know. But to us, that’s totally unacceptable – you trusted us with your home, and we want to know if we honored that trust.

That’s why we’ll proactively call you to get your honest feedback. If there’s a problem, we want to know, and we’ll make it right. PERIOD.

PROBLEM? Then It’s ‘All-Hands-On Deck.’

So… with all this communication and planning, everything always goes perfectly, right?

Uh, no. 

We’re human. Not to mention that sometimes manufacturers have delays or issues out of our control.

The good news is that our processes eliminate many problems before they have a chance to impact you. But in the rare cases it does, our processes also mean we can respond quickly and appropriately.

Our production department treats any issue as an “all-hands-on deck” situation and gets the right team members involved immediately to turn a problem into a solution.

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Step 1 - Welcome Aboard

The day after you’ve made your purchase, one of our customer service representatives calls you to answer your questions, discuss the next steps, and schedule your remeasure appointment.

Step 2 - Remeasure Appointment

At the remeasure appointment the measure technician will go through the details of your contract, do the measurements of your kitchen, and will walk you through what to expect during the installation process. They will take the time to answer any questions you might have.

Step 3 - Scheduling Installation

A member of our production team will follow up with you to pre-schedule your installation date. They will give you a reminder call before your installation to go over any last preparations needed.

Step 4- Installation Day

During the installation, our craftsmen will work on your project and treat your home with respect. Our installers have a daily jobsite cleanup routine, and a more thorough cleanup routine upon completion of the job. As your projects move along, we may have project managers stopping by to check on the progress of the job. Representatives of our marketing team may stop by to take some pictures and reviews.

Step 5 - Zero-Defect

The job is NOT considered complete until the foreman or production manager walks the job with YOU and makes sure every promise in the contract has been fulfilled and the clean-up is to your satisfaction. Please be available that day!

Step 6 - Post-Job Follow-up

A Redo Cabinets representative will reach out to you to make sure you are satisfied with the work done and to collect your feedback. We’re the kind of company that WANTS to know what our customers think. It’s how we improve!

Step 7 - Reviews

If we’ve earned it, we’d love for you to consider leaving us a happy online review and refer us to others. Many of our customers also get a picture with our 100% satisfied sign.


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