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Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refacing

Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refacing

If you’re looking to redo your kitchen, you know that there are tons of ways to update your kitchen. Along the way, you may have heard about kitchen cabinet refacing. Kitchen cabinet refacing is one of the best ways to update your kitchen. However, like everything, it has its pros and cons. But what is kitchen cabinet refacing? And what are the pros and cons of cabinet refacing?

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process of updating the style of your kitchen and modernizing it to make it feel brand new. It involves replacing the fronts of your cabinets and drawers, installing new veneers, and upgrading your existing kitchen. Cabinet refacing can make your kitchen look and feel entirely brand new.

Cabinet Refacing Pros

New Style for a Great Price

Cabinet refacing is perfect for giving your kitchen a new look. There are tons of styles to choose from, including raised panel doors, recessed panel doors, and flat panel doors. The updates to style and color are a major pro. However, it’s important not to overlook the price point. Cabinet refacing is significantly cheaper than cabinet replacement! In fact, cabinet refacing costs 40-50% less than a full replacement and can give you a brand new look. It’s cheaper and still makes your kitchen look brand new.

Modern Upgrades for Your Kitchen

On top of the new look, kitchen cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a brand new feel. Cabinet refacing allows you to install new hardware, as well as modern accouterments. Things like soft-close drawers, lazy susans in cabinets, and even door-mounted spice racks can easily be installed during cabinet refacing. Stuck drawers and cabinets that don’t close right can be fixed and improved! Cabinet refacing gives your kitchen the physical upgrades that will make it stand out.

Keep What’s Great

One of the biggest pros of cabinet refacing is the fact that you can keep your original cabinet shells. When you replace your cabinets, they build or install a new cabinet shell for you. However, cabinet shells made nowadays aren’t nearly as durable as the ones you currently have. Instead of getting rid of the good cabinet shells, keep them with cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refacing Cons

No Rearranging

There aren’t many cons to cabinet refacing. However, one con is with cabinet refacing you aren’t able to rearrange your cabinets. If you want to change the shape of your cabinets or their general layout, you’ll have to replace your cabinets entirely. In a similar vein, you can’t make any major changes to the positions your appliances are in with cabinet refacing since cabinet refacing doesn’t change the shape of the actual cabinets.

Damaged Shells

One other possible problem with cabinet refacing is heavily damaged cabinets may need replacing. Since cabinet refacing doesn’t change the cabinet shells if you have damaged cabinet shells you may need to replace your cabinets altogether. Large holes and other major structural damage can limit the usefulness of cabinet refacing.

Call a Professional

There are pros and cons to cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a new look and feel that modernizes your home. It also allows you to keep one of your kitchen’s greatest strengths, its cabinet shells. However, since cabinet refacing doesn’t change the cabinet shells if you want to change the layout of your kitchen cabinet refacing might not be right for you.

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