Pros and Cons of White Cabinetry

Pros and Cons of White Cabinetry

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets, particularly our kitchen cabinets, a significant ingredient in any kitchen redesign, are a massive part of any kitchen remodel project. These cabinet boxes can completely control the appearance that your kitchen, and their size and layout directly impact the usability of your space. Doors, panels, hinges, and other accessories, including various types of boxes for storage, with an array of options offering a variety of designs, contribute to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. In the case of a full renovation, one choice to consider is kitchen cabinet refacing, a cost-effective alternative process involving the replacement of drawer fronts and the use of veneer or laminate on visible surfaces. This job can provide your kitchen with a fresh finish and considerable savings on costs, but its application needs careful consideration and experience from professionals, or pros, for the best results.

The selection and addition of the right organization steps are crucial for maintaining order and attracting attention to the aesthetic elements. Guiding advice and tips for cabinet refacing from a reputable service provider like Redo Cabinets, known for its kitchen cabinet styles and refacing services, can be priceless here. It’s smart to budget and brainstorm about the preferred look for your kitchen. Many adults love white cabinetry, but as with all design choices, there are advantages and drawbacks to consider. Evaluating options like hardware and drawer designs can further personalize cabinets and add to their content appeal.

Pros of White Cabinetry

Clean and Fresh Look

The most obvious advantage of white kitchen cabinets is their stellar appearance, gleaming like a newly polished surface when attention is paid to maintenance. White cabinets, perhaps equipped with an island, can harmonize with just about any style. In the broad range of kitchen decor choices, they are a key piece, an essential ingredient, if you will, to many traditional and modern designs. These cabinets, equipped with thoughtfully designed drawers for functionality and style, can also open up the room, making the surface area appear more spacious. White cabinets can turn any kitchen into a masterpiece, regardless of its size or layout. However, there might be problems such as potential damages due to usage over time that can be visible on the door surface.

Classic and Traditional

White cabinets breathe life into traditional-looking kitchens. They create a sense of timelessness and can keep a kitchen looking fresh for years, even when the kitchen itself, and its accompanying boxes of utensils, appliances, and more, might be quite old. By using tools like veneer and laminate, this type of cabinetry can help a kitchen installation stay on trend and avoid falling into obscurity – or worse, the renovation landfill of outdated styles.

Increase Resale Value

From a real estate perspective, white cabinets can also be of significant assistance. The timeless look typically attracts many potential homeowners. Having a kitchen that won’t go out of style eliminates the need to redo the kitchen, which can save a potential buyer a significant amount of money. The cost-efficient advantage of white cabinets can indeed be a decisive factor if you’re trying to sell your home.

Cons of White Cabinetry

Cabinets that Dirty Easy

White cabinets, much like a pristine white countertop, tend to reveal dirt easily. Grease and dirt can quickly make the cabinet surface look dirty, requiring more frequent cleaning. Similarly, nicks, dents, and other damage are more notable on white cabinets. While their look is undoubtedly remarkable, the doors of white cabinets reveal wear and tear more significantly. Thankfully, the cabinet doors that Redo Cabinets offer utilize Duracore doors, a significantly more durable option than traditional cabinet doors.

Can Have a Clinical and Cold Feel

On the downside, white cabinets can sometimes have a sterile, utilitarian feel, conjuring up mental images of a dentist’s office or a hospital. They can lack warmth and thus feel uninviting. While kitchens have the primary function of preparing food, they should also be a place of comfort for family and guests. In many kitchens with white cabinets, the decor itself, right down to the selection of drawer handles, can counterbalance the cool aesthetic of the cabinets.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the process of revamping the exposed parts of your current cabinets – like the doors, drawer fronts, and fittings – while keeping the main cabinet structures intact. It begins with taking off the old doors and drawer fronts, sizing up the cabinets, and then fitting them with new materials and finishes of your preference. If you choose, the hardware can also be switched out. This method offers a complete kitchen makeover without extensive tearing down or rebuilding.

White Kitchen Cabinetry Expert Contractor in Chicagoland

If you’re in the market for white cabinets for your kitchen or a cabinet refacing professional in Will County IL, reach out to Redo Cabinets. We’ll provide a free quote for your kitchen. Our refacing experts are unparalleled in the industry, focusing exclusively on high-quality cabinet refacing. We offer a vast variety of styles and colors, allowing you to make your dream kitchen a reality. Our additional services like handles, knobs, and other hardware can help you round out your vision for the perfect kitchen. Make sure to refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals, featuring premium products to make your refacing work stand out!

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