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Pros and Cons of White Cabinetry

Pros and Cons of White Cabinetry

Cabinets are a massive part of any kitchen. They can completely control the feel that your kitchen has. While cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a fresh look, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what look you’ll like for your kitchen. Many people love white cabinetry, but it has its pros and cons. Luckily, Redo Cabinets has all the information you need to decide what color you want for your cabinetry.


Clean and Fresh Look

The most obvious pro to white cabinets is that they look incredible. White cabinets can go with just about any style and are key to many traditional and modern looks. These cabinets also can open up the room, making it feel more spacious. White cabinets can make any kitchen look gorgeous.

Classic and Traditional

White cabinets are very typical in traditional-looking kitchens. They can elicit a feeling of timelessness and make a kitchen look new for years at a time. White cabinetry keeps a kitchen feeling new, no matter how old the kitchen is. They can help prevent a kitchen to fall into trends and avoid going out of style.

Increase Resale Value

If you ever end up selling your home, white cabinets can help. The timeless look attracts many possible homeowners. Having a kitchen that won’t go out of style lowers the need to redo the kitchen, which can save a potential buyer a ton of money. White cabinets can do wonders if you’re trying to sell your home.


Cabinets that Dirty Easy

White cabinets do get dirty easily. Grease and dirt can easily make cabinets look dirty, which can cause the need to clean the cabinets more often. It also can be easier to see knicks, dents, and other damage in white cabinets. While they look excellent, they can show wear and tear far more clearly. Luckily, the cabinet doors that Redo Cabinets uses utilize Duracore doors, which are far more durable than traditional cabinet doors.

Can Have a Clinical and Cold Feel

White cabinets can have a utilitarian feel, with mental reminders of the dentist or hospital. It can have a lack of warmth and feel uninviting. While kitchens have the express purpose of making food, they still can be a place where your family feels comfortable. In many kitchens with white cabinets, the decor itself can counteract the cold feel of the cabinets.

Call a Professional

If you’re looking for white cabinets for your kitchen or a cabinet refacing professional in Chicagoland, Contact Redo Cabinets. We’ll give you a free quote for your kitchen. Our cabinet refacing experts are unmatched in the industry, and they exclusively focus on high-quality cabinet refacing. We offer many styles and colors so you can make your kitchen one of your dreams. Our add-ons can help you round out your vision for your perfect kitchen. Make sure to refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals!

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