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Reasons to Choose Grey Cabinets

Reasons to Choose Grey Cabinets

Every kitchen will need an update in its lifetime, and one of the biggest changes you can have is a change in color. There are tons of colors to choose from, including white, black, brown, and even blue! However, a color that many people overlook for their kitchen cabinets is grey. There are tons of reasons to choose grey cabinets, so Redo Cabinets has put together this list to help you decide what color you want for your kitchen. Once your color is chosen you’ll be one step closer to refacing your kitchen!

Grey is Incredibly Versatile

This is one of the colors that can do just about anything. It can have warm or cool hues, depending on what style the rest of your kitchen is going for. Unlike black and white cabinetry, where there are limits on how expressive the hues can be. You can also play with the shade of grey you choose. Some people prefer a lighter shade and some people like a darker shade. Grey is incredibly customizable and there is a perfect shade of grey for every kitchen!

Grey Gives a Kitchen a Unique Atmosphere

Every kitchen needs to have a feeling. Grey cabinets can make your kitchen have a very unique feel to it. In many situations, grey gives a pessimistic and even boring feel to it. However, grey cabinets are a very special exception. The foremost feeling associated with grey cabinetry is luxury! It also will give your kitchen a calm, and tranquil atmosphere. Somewhere that you want to stay. Grey will naturally relax you and your family. The kitchen will be a space of easygoingness with a dash of elegance. Grey cabinets are perfect for any home that needs a laid-back atmosphere.

Grey Cabinets Show Less Dirt

One of the most popular color choices for cabinetry is white. While white cabinets are very nice, they do have one major flaw. It’s incredibly easy to tell when white cabinetry is dirty or dinged up. Luckily, grey doesn’t have this problem. In fact, it can be difficult to see any minor grime on grey cabinetry. Grey cabinets have the elegance of white cabinets, but look clean for much longer than the lighter color. If you don’t want to worry about your cabinets frequently looking dirty then you will absolutely want to look into installing grey cabinets in your home’s kitchen.

Call a Professional for a Cabinet Refacing

The best way to install grey cabinets into your home is through cabinet refacing, and if you’re looking for a cabinet refacing professional in Chicagoland, Contact Redo Cabinets. We’ll give you a free quote for your kitchen. Our cabinet refacing experts are unmatched in the industry, and they exclusively focus on high-quality cabinet refacing. We offer many styles and colors so you can make your kitchen one of your dreams. Our add-ons can help you round out your vision for your perfect kitchen. Make sure to refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals!

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