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Stunning Cabinet Refacing For Your Des Plaines, IL Home

Want A Beautiful Kitchen Transformation… Quickly & Affordably? Kitchen Cabinet Restyling Is The Answer.

Beautiful Inverness, Illinois kitchen after cabinet refacing.

Looking to revitalize the kitchen of your Des Plaines home? Consider cabinet refacing from Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede.

Des Plaines is well known for its balance of big-city activity and peaceful residential living. We’re the cabinet refacing contractor that understands the pride you take in your home. That’s why we provide PREMIUM cabinet restyling that can elevate the look of your kitchen to new levels.

We’re Des Plaines’ Cabinet Refacing Authority

Many kitchen companies offer cabinet refacing as a “side service.” As such, they use cheap materials (i.e., particle board) and tend to cut installation corners.

Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede is the opposite. Literally all we do is cabinet restyling for the Chicagoland suburbs.  Since cabinet refacing is our SOLE focus, we dedicate 100% of our attention to perfecting the craft.

We also REFUSE to use flimsy particle board a lot of companies install. Our cabinet materials are made of genuine wood and come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Explore our gallery  to see how our high-end materials and installation can transform any kitchen into a stunning showpiece.

5 Questions Des Plaines Homeowners Have About Cabinet Restyling

What Does Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Involve? 

Kitchen cabinet refacing (also called “cabinet restyling”) is the process of renovating the LOOK of your cabinets while keeping the structure intact. In other words, you “reface” your cabinets to make them look absolutely fantastic.

Our cabinet refacing includes new hardwood doors and drawers, along with beautiful hardware. We offer a wide selection of cabinet styles and colors — you can choose a design that’s similar to your current cabinets or take the look in a completely different direction. It’s up to you!

Explore our cabinet refacing designs here.

How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost In Des Plaines?

Cabinet refacing is the most economical way to revitalize your kitchen space. Cabinet refacing costs substantially less than full-scale kitchen remodeling and cabinet replacement.

To make your cabinet restyling project even more affordable, we offer flexible financing and limited-time specials.

How Long Does Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Take?

Cabinet restyling is about 90% quicker than kitchen remodeling. While remodeling and cabinet replacement can take weeks to months, cabinet refacing can be done in only a few days.

What Other Ways Can You Upgrade My Kitchen?

When we perform your cabinet refacing project, we can also do any of the following:

  • New countertop installation
  • New backsplash installation
  • New sink and faucet installation
  • Minor reconfiguration
    • Sliding drawers
    • Pull-out drawers
    • Pull-out trash caddies
    • Wine racks
    • Lazy Susans
    • And more!

Why Pick Cabinet Restyling Over Replacement Or Full Remodeling? 

If your current kitchen cabinets are structurally sound, refacing is the fastest and most high-value way to upgrade your kitchen. Cabinet restyling will produce a truly incredible look that everyone who walks into your kitchen will LOVE. And you don’t need a messy, costly, time-consuming remodel to get it.

Des Plaines homeowners reface their cabinets for many reasons. Refacing is simply an attractive option for many, many people. You can find more details as to why by exploring our blog . It has all kinds of useful information about and insight into the world of cabinet restyling.

Why Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede

  • Cabinet Refacing Is Our Specialty: While most kitchen companies do cabinet restyling as a “side service,” refacing is our ONLY focus. No company has more experience with cabinet refacing in Des Plaines.
  • Stress-Free Process: From the first call to the final walkthrough, we provide a streamlined project. Our proven systems provide a smooth experience for you.
  • Craftsmanship MATTERS: At Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede, no installation detail is too small. We make EVERY detail a top priority. It’s the only way to make sure your job is done 100% RIGHT.
  • Trusted Reputation: Krumwiede has been the  name homeowners have trusted for home improvement since 1953. We’re the cabinet refacing company with a top-notch reputation.

Why Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede

Schedule Your Free Cabinet Refacing Quote In Des Plaines, IL

If you’re looking for a beautiful kitchen transformation worthy of your Des Plaines home, contact Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede for a free quote.It would be an honor to speak with you about your project vision and ideas.