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Stellar Results With Cabinet Refacing In The Lake Zurich Area

Kitchen Updates That Will Take Your Breath Away

Beautiful cabinet refacing in light earth tones with revamped island and quartz counters

The homes of Lake Zurich are as beautiful as the land around them with their gorgeous architecture and stately air. With a history going back to the middle 1800s, the homes in Lake Zurich span almost 200 years of history.

With such a vast span of time, it’s certain that some homeowners will be unhappy with the way the dated look of their kitchen. Not to worry, that’s where the experts at Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede come in to save the day!

Kitchen Remodels Can Be Slow And Expensive

The two main reasons that Lake Zurich homeowners put off updating their kitchen is because they don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of a full remodel. We understand how disruptive a kitchen remodel can be to your home and family, which is why we have chosen a different route — cabinet refacing.

With us, you won’t have to deal with not having a kitchen for a month as it is stripped down and put back together. With our cabinet refacing service, we can be in and out in as little as three days! And when we are done, you’ll have a beautiful, modern kitchen with all the conveniences you expect out of today’s kitchens.

Are You Tired The Dated Kitchen In Your Lake Zurich Home? 

Over the last decade, there have been many advancements in cabinet technology and kitchen design, and you can incorporate them all with cabinet refacing. Pull-out shelves and lazy-susans are just the beginning.

Our DuraCore doors are virtually immune to heat, and even kitchen grease is easily wiped from their surfaces. And they are so sturdy it requires a CNC machine to cut the material to size. Yes, that means every door is custom-made for your project.

We can move your kitchen island to a better location or add one if you don’t have one now. We can create extra storage space, move and enclose your fridge, and replace your old countertops with new quartz countertops.

The best part is that you get to keep the old shells for your cabinets, which are almost always superior to anything you can buy today.

With Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede, You Get Decades Of Proven Excellence 

We’ve been there and done that for longer than almost anyone else in the industry. We have proven that we always deliver on our promises and never let anyone down. We also vet all of our employees carefully, so you’ll never meet a worker we wouldn’t be proud to introduce to our own mom.

  • 68+ Years – We’ve had decades to perfect our methods and create the ultimate update experience for our clients. Learn more about  Our Story.
  • Unequaled Results – We’re proud of our work and are happy to share it with the world. See many of our  Refaced Kitchens  Gallery..
  • Endless Options –  Cabinet refacing is more than just surface deep. We can make you feel like you have an entirely new kitchen. Learn more about our Cabinet Refacing  FAQ..
  • Demanding Perfection – We excel because we pay attention to the little things. No step is too small to get absolutely perfect. Learn more about High Standards  Why Krumwiede..

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Kitchen Refacing Is More Than Just New Cabinet Doors

Refacing your cabinets is just the beginning. You can give your kitchen a whole new feel with updates such as:

  • New Quartz Counters
  • Pull-Out Shelving
  • Pull-Out Garbage Cans
  • Soft-Close Drawers
  • Lazy Susans
  • Organizational Inserts
  • Light Reformatting (moving and encasing your fridge)
  • New Appliances
  • And More

Looking To Update Your Kitchen Without The Usual Hassle?

If you think it’s time to bring your kitchen in your Lake Zurich home into the 21st century,  contact us at Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede today for a Free Quote!