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Stunning Results For Kildeer, IL Homeowners With Cabinet Refacing

Take Your Kitchen To New Levels Without The Expense Of Remodeling


Beautiful refaced Kildeer kitchen with modern white cabinets and tiled backsplash

Home to a true appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, the homeowners of Kildeer, IL have made sure to allow the open spaces throughout the area to flourish. While the view through their kitchen windows can be gorgeous, not every kitchen in Kildeer is ready for its closeup.

Times have changed, and our kitchens have become the centerpiece of our homes, but some kitchens have become dated and need to be brought into the 21st century. While you could go through the expense of a full remodel, there’s a better, more cost-effective answer to your needs — cabinet refacing.


Kitchen Remodels Take Too Long And Cost A Mint

Many Kildeer homeowners would love to have a new kitchen but don’t want to deal with the trouble and expense, so they put it off. With cabinet refacing, you’ll spend a fraction of the money and can have the whole project completed in as little as three days.

You’ll get an entirely new look for your kitchen without going for a month or more without a kitchen. Forget the lower cost of the project; just think of all the money you’ll save by not living on food deliveries for four to six weeks!

Wondering What Cabinet Refacing Can Do For Your Kildeer Home?

Cabinet refacing isn’t just some new doors and drawer fronts. It’s a complete makeover for your kitchen. You can change the colors, look, and even functionality of your kitchen. You can go for a sleek modern look or head back to the country farm origins of this area.

With the latest cabinet technology at your fingertips, your kitchen will go from a frumpy old friend to an exciting workspace filled with modern conveniences. We can even alter the flow to a more contemporary feel by moving your refrigerator to a new enclosed space.

With advanced rail systems and ingenious new designs, your cabinets will never feel disorganized again. And best of all, you get to keep the sturdy shells of your cabinets that have no equal in modern cabinetry for strength and durability.

At Redo Cabinets By Krumwiede, We Are Obsessed With Quality 

We’ve been working with homeowners to create magnificent kitchens for a long time and have the process down to a science. We never skimp on the materials, even on parts you’ll never see. We expect our work to last for decades, so offering only the best available makes sense.

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Kitchen Refacing Is More Than Just New Cabinet Doors

Refacing your cabinets is just the beginning. You can give your kitchen a whole new feel with updates such as:

  • New Quartz Counters
  • Pull-Out Shelving
  • Pull-Out Garbage Cans
  • Soft-Close Drawers
  • Lazy Susans
  • Organizational Inserts
  • Light Reformatting (moving and encasing your fridge)
  • And More

Are You Ready For A New, More Modern Kitchen?

If it’s time to give your Kildeer home the modern kitchen you deserve, contact us at Redo Cabinets by Krumwiede today for a Free Quote! Contact Us