Should I Replace my Cabinets or Reface my Cabinets?

Should I Replace my Cabinets or Reface my Cabinets

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Cabinet Refacing or Replacement?

Over time, even the most diligent homeowner can find their kitchen showing signs of wear and tear. The effects of greasy splatters, heat, and moisture from cooking and cleaning can significantly impact its aesthetic appeal, surface longevity, and practical organization. Particularly vulnerable are the doors of your cabinet boxes in your kitchen. The style and materials used to create your cabinets, from the door to each shelf, significantly affect their lifespan and appearance. When old kitchen cabinets, with their faded colors and damaged veneer or laminate, start looking like they’ve been through a range of kitchen wars, a kitchen renovation is in order. Such renovation not only revamps the aesthetic appeal but also adds value to your home. Those cabinets could undoubtedly benefit from a spark of modern design.

To Reface or Replace your Kitchen: Making the Right Choice

One custom solution that excels is cabinet refacing, a service offered by our business that takes on kitchen remodeling by keeping your needs and the functionality of the room in mind. It’s a process that gives your cabinets a fresh finish while considering installation costs, quality, and style. You might ponder, “Should I replace my cabinets or reface my cabinet doors and drawer fronts?” This step involves not only considering the size and materials but also evaluating the array of aesthetic designs available to you. These cases call for a careful assessment on every page of your renovation plan and a balancing of the pros and cons of cabinet refacing and cabinet replacing, necessitating well-thought-out steps to make a well-informed choice.

Cabinet Replacing vs. Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Replacing

The Realities of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement: Costs and Considerations

Most people, particularly homeowners seeking to increase their properties’ value, tend to think of cabinet replacement as the go-to solution. However, this process involves professional contractors, or pros, working meticulously to remove your old cabinet boxes, including the wood doors and drawer fronts, and building new ones using superfine materials and their pro tools. They’ll work diligently to ensure that the kitchen cabinet hinges are level and in place. Misaligned cabinets can lead to serious problems down the line, such as cracked countertops. Additionally, the quality of new cabinets from places like our company may not match your existing furniture, which could give your kitchen a mismatched look. It’s also a considerable expense with prices ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 for budget cabinets. How Much Does It Cost To Replace Cabinets? A new kitchen remodel, complete with an island and storage solutions, could cost $25,000 and up!

The Advantages of Choosing Cabinet Refacing with Redo Cabinets Refacing in Chicago, IL & Suburbs

The financial burden of a full kitchen remodel is amplified by the inconvenience that cabinet replacement brings. It renders your kitchen unusable for at least a month. For many homeowners, this not only adds to the initial expense due to the needs of dining out but also disrupts their daily routines. However, our business offers products and services such as cabinet refacing, which aim to minimize disruption, promptly reconnecting the refrigerator, sink, and oven, enabling homeowners to use their kitchen or even their bathroom during the project’s installation phase.

Cabinet Refacing

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing Over Complete Replacement?

Many Chicagoland homeowners have discovered the transformative power of cabinet refacing. Rather than rebuilding the entire cabinet, refacing focuses on improving the style by updating the visible parts of your cabinets. This step includes changing the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and veneers, instantly reviving your kitchen with new designs and color themes. Here, the selection of the right laminates becomes an invaluable ingredient for determining the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen remodel. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, cabinet refacing offers other practical benefits.

Kitchen Cabinet Functionality with Modern Hardware and Storage Features

Refaced cabinets can be fitted with modern hardware, offering a range of storage solutions like soft-close rails for drawers and lazy susans for cabinets, enhancing their functionality. The existing structure of the cabinets, which is often stronger and more durable than modern iterations, remains intact. Unlike full replacement, which can take numerous steps and weeks to complete, refacing is typically wrapped up within a few days. Moreover, it’s a more economical option, typically costing 40-50% less than a full rebuild, making it easier for homeowners to order a new look for their kitchen from our company.

What’s Right For Me?

If a complete overhaul of your kitchen layout is not on your agenda, then refacing proves to be an ideal solution. It modernizes your kitchen without major disruption or enormous expense, focusing on the basic needs and the already-existing foundation of the cabinets. It retains the elements of your cabinets that have stood the test of time while updating and restyling what’s most visible in a step-by-step approach, increasing the overall value of your home.

Cabinet Refacing by Redo Cabinets Refacing: Your Solution in Chicago and Suburbs

If cabinet refacing in Chicagoland is on your radar and you, as an adult homeowner, are looking for kitchen remodeling tips, consider reaching out to the experts at our business, Redo Cabinets. We’ll provide you with a free quote tailored to your kitchen size, desired materials, and color options. We bring a wealth of experience and offer an unparalleled selection of styles to transform your kitchen into your dream space, from the island to the kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget to explore our kitchen cabinet refacing specials in Chicago, IL & Suburbs for the latest deals! Our company also offers services for bathroom and other room renovations as well. You can check our kitchen cabinets refacing gallery for more visual information.

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