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What Does Cabinet Refacing Typically Include?

What Does Cabinet Refacing Typically Include?

Almost every kitchen could use a tune-up, something to give it more visual appeal. The perfect solution is cabinet refacing. However, not everyone knows exactly what cabinet refacing is. If you aren’t aware of what cabinet refacing is, it makes it difficult to decide if it’s a good decision for you and your kitchen. Luckily, Redo Cabinets has all the information you need, so you’ll know the answer to the question “what does cabinet refacing typically include?”

New and Improved Cabinet Doors

The most obvious thing a cabinet refacing includes is new faces to your cabinets and drawers. In fact, that’s the first thing that is typically picked at the beginning of the process. There are a ton of color and style options, including raised panel doors, recessed panel doors, and flat panel doors.

Not only do you get a door with new aesthetics, but you also get a cabinet door that’s much higher quality than your current doors. Redo Cabinets uses Duracore doors and drawer fronts, which are some of the strongest cabinet doors on the market. They are heat resistant, grease resistant, and even water resistant! This top-of-the-line cabinetry will keep your kitchen looking incredible for years to come.

Fresh Veneer to Match

While the new doors look amazing, they won’t fit in with your current cabinets. Luckily, during a cabinet refacing you install a new veneer to the cabinet boxes. Not only do you get the benefit of fully gorgeous cabinets, but you also have the added benefit of keeping your current cabinet boxes. Many modern cabinet boxes aren’t built to last, which means that the ones that are already in your home are of better quality than nearly anything that you can install. Cabinet refacing replaces the old with still keeping which makes your cabinetry truly great.

New Hardware

Your cabinet doors and boxes aren’t the only things that make up your cabinets. You also have the hardware that keeps everything together. The perfect time to replace the drawer pulls and hinges in your cabinets is during a cabinet refacing. In fact, many customers use the opportunity to install soft-close hinges and drawer slides so that nothing in the kitchen can slam closed. Once you have the new hardware chosen, everything is put together, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Additional Options to Perfect Your Kitchen

There are tons of add-ons that can round out your kitchen so it becomes the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. From organization tools like lazy susan’s and spice racks to simple convenience things like pull-out trash caddies and mixer lifts, there’s something for everyone. You can also change out your lower cabinets for drawer stacks, which can completely modernize the feel of your kitchen. Between cabinet refacing and the available add-ons, you can get the perfect kitchen!

Call a Professional

If you’re looking for a cabinet refacing professional in Chicagoland, Contact Redo Cabinets. We’ll give you a free quote for your kitchen. Our cabinet refacing experts are unmatched in the industry, and they exclusively focus on high-quality cabinet refacing. We offer many styles and colors so you can make your kitchen one of your dreams. Our add-ons can help you round out your vision for your perfect kitchen. Make sure to refer to our cabinet refacing specials to see our latest deals!

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