What Is Cabinet Refacing And Does It Last?

Cabinet Refacing 101 For Chicagoland Suburbs Homeowners

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is often confused with refinishing, the less thorough cousin of the home remodeling world. It’s an unfortunate reality that refinishing sounds more permanent than refacing since that’s the opposite of the truth. Consider refinishing as painting the door of your Chicagoland home and refacing as replacing that door with a better one, and you’ll be closer to the facts.

What Happens When You Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet refacing has many levels, especially in the kitchen. In fact, it could be more aptly named kitchen refacing at the most thorough level, but that would become confusing, so we stick to the single term no matter how far we take it.

The Cabinets

It should come as no surprise that cabinet refacing starts with the cabinets. First, the doors and drawer fronts are removed and tossed out or recycled, never to return. Later in the process, they are replaced with high-quality materials of a design picked out by the homeowner.

Then, all hardware is removed and set aside, leaving just the boxes and shelves that make up the shell and interior of the cabinets.

Next, the shells are thoroughly cleaned and abraded to ready them for a new surface veneer chosen by the homeowner. It can match or contrast the new doors or even clash with them for a unique new look.

When we are done, all exposed sides and door frames will have a fresh new look.

The Doors

We replace all doors with DuraCore products, which are impervious to kitchen heat and resistant to grease and staining. They are also much stronger than standard cabinet doors and come in a variety of designs and colors. Explore your possibilities now:

The Drawers 

Each drawer front is replaced with superior materials that match the rest of the doors in the kitchen perfectly.

The Gadgets 

Along with a new facing, you can add soft-close glides to the drawers and even have sliding shelves replace the original shelves in each cabinet. You can also get better use out of your corner cabinets by having us install lazy susans, turning unused space into handy storage.

The Hardware

You can use your old hinges and pulls or elect to replace them with new hardware to finish the new look of your cabinets.

Extra Steps

For a completely new look for your kitchen, you can replace your old countertops with beautiful new ones in rich quartz.

We can also relocate your cabinets to allow you to move or enclose large appliances like your refrigerator.

How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Take?

We know that it sounds like a ton of work, and it is, but cabinet refacing is fast. The average kitchen can be refaced, including relocations and new countertops, in no more than a few days. Measured against the weeks it would take to do a full replacement, refacing is lightning quick.

But Does Cabinet Refacing Last?

Since we are using veneers instead of paint or varnish, your cabinet’s new look will last for decades. We only use the highest-quality materials when refacing cabinets, so we can trust them to last as long as our lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. You’ll never have to worry about your cabinets ever again.

And Here’s The Kicker…

One of the big secrets that kitchen remodelers don’t want you to know is that cabinet refacing gives you an entirely new look to your kitchen for a little over half the price of a full replacement. Also, modern cabinets are weaker and less durable than the cabinets from even 20 years ago, which makes cabinet refacing a win-win every time!

If you want a new look for your kitchen and want to explore refacing your cabinets, contact us  at Redo Cabinets for a free quote. You can check our kitchen cabinets refacing before and after gallery for more information.

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