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Why Offering A Lifetime Warranty Was An Easy Decision

Offering A Lifetime Warranty Was The Easiest Decision We Ever Made

When most contractors say words like ‘lifetime workmanship warranty,’ their lawyers start flying out of the walls voicing objections. It was no different with our lawyers until we made them understand that there was almost zero risk. How did we convince them?

It was easy.

High-Quality Everything!

Offering a lifetime workmanship warranty on a new roof is considered insane by almost every expert you ask. The scope of the job, they say. The potential for errors, they cry. They point their fingers here, there, and everywhere – every direction but at themselves.

What A Warranty Really Means.

A warranty is a promise. Partly a promise by the roofing contractor to the client, but it’s more a promise to themselves. After all, no contractor likes doing warranty work. It costs money directly, but it also costs them money that the crew isn’t making working on a paid project.

So, most contractors only warranty their work for the period they are certain it will hold up. That means that a limited period warranty is telling you, in writing, that this contractor’s work can’t be trusted beyond this point. It says our faith in our work stops here.

High-Quality Materials.

If you use high-quality materials that are designed to work together, warranting your work for life is a no-brainer. And if you don’t trust the material you are using, why are you installing it into people’s homes?

We don’t sell anything that we don’t believe in 100%. Ever.

High-Quality People.

Too many roofing companies operate on pure body count, thinking any idiot can swing a hammer 30 feet in the air. While this is true, that doesn’t mean they are hitting the right thing at the right time in the right way.

We’ve found that hiring good people and teaching them what to smack, when to smack it, and even why it needs to happen that way has a dramatic effect on workmanship quality.

Then, we pay them a fair wage, so they are willing to stick around. After doing that for several decades, you end up with an amazing workforce that you know will do the job right every single time.

High-Quality Processes.

One of the biggest mistakes roofers make is mixing brands. We call that building Frankenstein roofs, and the result is about as positive as it was in the book.

A roof is more than just a bunch of shingles slapped over some plywood. Roofing manufacturers have worked hard to engineer roofing systems that will stand up to the test of time.

Each manufacturer has its own underlayment, seals, shingles, and supplemental parts. They are all designed to puzzle together in harmony, with each component enhancing the strengths of the next. Certain components of one manufacturer are less expensive than those of another.

Roofers who do Frankenstein roofs buy the cheapest version of each component and then throw them all together into a monstrous roof stew. The worst of these jumbled roofing systems fail within seven years.

We never mix manufacturers for our roof systems. And we never sell a system we don’t believe in completely. Even at different price points, it is possible to only sell quality systems, so that’s what we do.

It Comes Down To Faith.

We can confidently offer lifetime workmanship warranties because we believe in our people, our process, and the products that we sell. And if a roof does have an issue caused by an error on our end, making it right is simply the right thing to do.

So, deciding to offer a lifetime workmanship warranty wasn’t just easy; it was the only possible course for us to take. We’ve always known we had the best installers, best process, and the best products in the industry. The warranty is nothing more than our way of acknowledging the truth. We believe completely in who we are and what we do.

If you need to replace the roof on your Chicagoland home and want it guaranteed for life, contact us at Redo Cabinets for a free quote today.

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