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Why Our Customers Love Our Obsession With Project Updates

If You Work With Us, Either You Know Where Your Project Stands Or You Aren’t Paying Attention

Few things are more nerve-wracking for a homeowner than silence from their contractor. Remodeling work, after all, is an activity based on trust, a level of trust that is uncomfortable no matter who is involved. We get that. More, we get that it is on us to make you comfortable with the process.

No News Is… Disastrous

Radio silence might be great for Special Operators sneaking up on the bad guys, but it is a terrible way to operate a remodeling company. Problems are given room to grow, trust falls apart, and chaos ensues.

Let’s look at the process from the homeowners’ point of view. They have hired a company to:

  • Tear down part of their home
  • Troop total strangers through their home
  • Create a massive mess
  • Install the selected products correctly
  • Put their home back together better than before
  • Do it all within the promised timeline

All of this requires a tremendous amount of trust. The homeowner is, quite literally, at the mercy of their contractor. If there isn’t a functional communication system in place, insecurity can turn into active distrust in a heartbeat.

Trust Is Difficult To Earn And Easy To Lose

As you can see by the above list, it’s amazing that anyone is willing to hire a remodeling contractor. Yet, it happens all day, every day, and with amazing results. But the initial trust that leads to signing on the dotted line is a fragile thing. One backed by hope, not faith. Any hiccup in the project’s process can shatter that trust if the homeowner is kept in the dark.

Companies that try to hide problems from homeowners are like toddlers. And, cute as they are, only a fool trusts a toddler to point out their mistakes. They are short-sighted that way, and so are those companies.

On the other hand, if you keep the homeowner in the loop from day one, their comfort level with the process will grow. If you do it right, they’ll find the whole thing a pleasant experience. And when that hiccup comes? Well, almost anything can be forgiven if they are forewarned or given notice as soon as it happens. That’s just human nature.

Earning Your Trust

We know that we have your trust to start, or else you wouldn’t have hired us to do your project. But we also know that it’s our job to keep earning that trust. And the easiest and best way to do that is to keep you informed about absolutely everything each step of the way.

We Don’t Even Wait One Day To Start The Process

Unfortunately, some companies won’t contact you for weeks, not until they want to set the installation date. We think it’s insane to allow possible errors to grow without a single attempt at verification.

The day after you sign on with us, you will get a Welcome Call thanking you for putting your trust in us and welcoming you into the fold. This conversation is followed by a call from our Production department to verify the details of your project.

You Are Our Focus

We also find out your preferred mode of communication, be it email, text, or that odd phone talking thing the older set likes to do, and make sure all future updates come to you in your preferred form. At every point, your comfort is job #1.

We Mean It When We Say ‘Every Step’

There may come a point when you wish we were less dedicated to Crystal Clear Communication as we wear out your phone, but double and triple-checking measurements and design decisions are the keys to an error-free project.

If there is an inaccuracy, it will get caught before it has a chance to affect the next step, which can prevent lengthy delays from having to backtrack on our work to fix a mistake.

Information Overload Has Benefits

While you might feel a tad harassed by the flow of information coming from our office, you’ll also learn to enjoy the benefits of always being aware of your project’s progress.

Your Friends Will Think You’re Psychic

How many times have you heard family or friends say, “I don’t know,” when you ask about their remodeling project? You, on the other hand, will be able to answer with confidence. “The tile is arriving today, and the inspector is due in two days” is a lot more fun to say than “I dunno.”

You will be the least surprised person in the neighborhood for the duration of your remodel.

Yoga Has Nothing On Being Informed

We don’t care how much yoga you do or how many times you meditate; if you are in the dark about the state of your remodeling project, you’ll be in a constant state of tension.

But when you are up to date on every little detail, the whole thing becomes a pleasure. You’ll spend the whole time being cool as the proverbial cucumber.

And that is our goal. We want you to enjoy your remodel and smile when you talk about the experience days, months, or years later.

If you plan to remodel your Chicagoland area home and prefer to always know where your project stands, contact us at Redo Cabinets to schedule a consultation.

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